Car Hire Terms & Conditions

Car Hire Heraklion Airport informs you on rental terms and conditions:

Age and Driver’s License

In order to hire a car at Heraklion you must be a minimum of 21 years old. The driver must have a driver’s license, valid for at least one year. Greek Law requires an International Driver’s License or a European Driver’s permit for visitors not citizens of the EU.  Any driver’s license not issued in Latin characters has to be accompanied by an International Driving License.

Car Rental Insurance Coverage in Heraklion

Car Hire Heraklion Airport offers a full insurance with Collision Damage Waiver to all clients, while Personal accident and Third Party insurance are also included. In the case of an accident, you are required to contact the police and obtain an accident report from an officer.

You are also required to contact the company right way in the unfortunate event of an accident whether there is some injury and damage or not. You are not allowed to any unauthorized repairs. In the case of an accident that occurs due to DUI or any obvious disregard to the vehicle and road conditions, the renter will be considered responsible for the full amount of charges.

Traffic Police Tickets

Any act that violates the Greek traffic law might result in ticket issued by traffic police in Crete. In this case, the tickets and possible sanctions that might occur are sole responsibility of the renter. In any case, the driver and renter are requested to contact our company right away.

Fuel and Gas

Fuel and Gas bought during the rental period is paid exclusively paid by the renter, who is obliged to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel existing when he hired the car. All vehicles should use unleaded fuel only.

Rental Length

All vehicles can be rented for minimum period of one day and it should be returned within the agreed time frame. If the car is delayed the renter will be charged with an additional fee per hour.

Cancellation Policy

No fees are charged in the case of cancellation, but you are requested to contact our company as soon as possible.


Our rates include the legal VAT, which in Greece is 19%


Car Hire Heraklion Airport allows you to have pets in your car hire, as long as you take all precaution measures and you make sure that there are no damages in the vehicle.

Ferrying the vehicle or crossing the borders

Ferrying the vehicle or crossing the borders is not allowed without the written permission of the company.

Baby Seats and other facilities

Baby seats and roof racks are available to all clients upon request for free of charge while there is a charge for GPS devices.

Delivery and Collection of the Vehicle

All vehicles can be delivered at the Heraklion Airport and Port upon request free of charge. Collection and deliver of the vehicle at our offices is also free.

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