Heraklion Airport

heraklion airport airlinesHeraklion Airport, Nikos Kazantzakis, is situated 5km outside Heraklion at Nea Alikarnassos. It bears the name of the great Cretan author and it’s the second busiest airport in Greece, after El. Venizelos of Athens.

Heraklion Airport code is HER.

Heraklion Airport receives hundreds of domestic and international flights, especially during summer months and it is estimated that it serves approximately 5million visitors every year.

In the summer, during peak time, Heraklion Airport receives tens of charter flights daily, from Europe, mostly from the UK and Scandinavia.

Facilities of Heraklion Airport

Heraklion Airport, although built in 1971, features quite modern facilities and can host 15 big planes and small private aircrafts simultaneously.

For passengers and travelers, there are numerous amenities available on site. There is a restaurant and six cafés, duty free shops, a luggage safe, and ATM for money withdrawal. The visitors can go online as well, as there is 24h free Wi-Fi connection, while the info desk works round the clock, every day.

For its visitors that reach the airport by car, there is a large parking lot with 500 spots, although you can always leave your car in one of the private parking spaces available close to the airport.

Reaching Heraklion Airport

Reaching Heraklion Airport is quite easy, as you can approach the area from the highway, or from the city centre, via Ikarou Street. If leaving Heraklion Airport you can always exit to the highway both to East and West side of the island.

Airlines working at Heraklion Airport

At Heraklion Airport you can find offices of Olympic Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Sky Express, while many foreign companies feature open offices during their incoming and outgoing fights from foreign countries. 

Car Hire in Heraklion Airport

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