Weather in Heraklion

Weather in Heraklion is typical Mediterranean, temperate and mild all year long, although there are hot days in summer and very cold days in winter. As in all Mediterranean cities of Greece, though extremities are usually avoided. Heraklion is located at the North part of the island, in lowlands, which results in mild temperatures and temperate marine climate all year long; dry summers, short springs and falls and relatively mild winters, except for mountainous areas and high elevations, and sparse rainfall are to be expected.

Summer Weather in Heraklion

Weather in Heraklion during summer is warm and dry; summer in Greece usually begins in late May or early June, as the thermometer starts rising by the end of May. In June temperature is around 25-28C with minimum or no rainfall, while in the evenings the average minimum is 15-19C. June is usually a gorgeous month and is probably the ideal time to visit Heraklion, as it is pleasantly warm and the city is still running on its regular rhythms without the huge amounts of tourists and the crowded streets or archeological sites. July and August can be very warm, with temperatures at high 30s – the average temperature in July is 32-34C. Hot temperatures, over 36C can be common in July, as weather in Heraklion can be scorching hot occasionally, but nearby beaches offer an oasis of refreshment to locals and visitors.

Autumn Weather in Heraklion

Heraklion Weather doesn’t change much in September and it could be said that it reminds a lot of weather in June; the refreshing breeze appears again giving a break to the locals and visitors from the summer heat. September can also be great in Heraklion, especially since sea temperatures are quite high and everyone can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Humidity in Heraklion is relatively lower than in other places in Crete and rainfalls are not that often, although in October and November, when temperatures start dropping, rain could be more frequent.

Winter Weather in Heraklion

Winter weather in Heraklion city is mild; average temperature is around 20C in October and 16C in November, although water temperature is still higher, at low 20s. December is the month that experiences the greatest rainfall, and some snowfall could occur on the mountains, especially while approaching the heart of winter. Precipitation is higher in January as well, while the majority of rain falls on plains and low altitudes. Average temperature is 14C in December and falling in January and February.

Spring Weather in Heraklion

Spring in Heraklion is lovely and mild, although short. Even though in urban centers spring is not that prominent and evident, weather in Heraklion is comfortably and pleasantly warm ,while the rural areas and plains of the Prefecture start flourishing and blooming. Rainfall is moderate and sunny days and increasingly high temperatures introduce summer. April and May are also great months to visit Heraklion.  

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